About us

The Géza Anda-Foundation was created in 1978 in memory of the Hungarian-Swiss pianist Géza Anda, who had passed away two years earlier. The foundation engages in the support of young pianists in the musical spirit of Géza Anda. In addition to numerous other projects, its main focus is the organisation of a triennial international piano competition in Zurich.



In addition to organising the Concours Géza Anda international piano competition every three years in Zurich, the Géza Anda Foundation is also involved in other ways in promoting young pianists and, in particular, in enabling the laureates of previous competitions to present themselves to the public. This includes numerous projects and events which are arranged with various partner organisations or realised jointly.


Private Partners

A well-known tradition of the Concours Géza Anda are the host families. During the competition they invite candidates from all over the world to stay at their homes. Many lifelong friendships have emerged from these encounters.

We invite you to join this wonderful group of people!



Sincere thanks to our partners, who generously support the activities of the Géza Anda-Foundation.