News 2021-05-26 Message from Corinne Mauch

Our cultural life was hit severely by the current pandemic. When the last Concours Géza Anda was carried out in 2018 noone could have imagined that the present 15th edition of this renowned competition would encounter challenges of such a dimension.

For many young pianists on the brink of a solo career it is particularly decisive whether and how they are given an opportunity to present themselves in an international setting. They are very much dependent on functioning music institutions and a world market which offers them the necessary platforms for their appearances.

I am delighted that the Géza Anda-Foundation and the Concours team decided to carry out this piano competition in Zurich in 2021 notwithstanding, or rather because of the demanding situation which has arisen due to the Corona pandemic. Whether audiences will follow the concerts live or by means of an internet streaming, one thing is clear: thanks to a great and flexible commitment a chance is given to 42 young pianists to take another step forward in their profession and to become known to the general public.

I thank all involved for organizing this special Concours and wish the partipants valuble new experiences.

Corine Mauch
Mayor of the City of Zurich

(translation from the German original: Markus Wyler, M.A.)