Géza Anda

Complete Bibliography and Discography

Géza Anda’s discography – which currently includes 100 works on some 200 recordings – proves just how extensive the repertoire was that he had mastered, and on which he was able to draw. Over the course of his lifetime, Anda released some 40 records on shellac and vinyl featuring works from his preferred canon: music by Bartók, Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, Liszt, Rachmaninov, Schumann and Tchaikovsky – along with his crowning achievement, namely his complete recording of Mozart’s piano concertos. Anda’s recording career lasted from 1942 until 1975, with the vast majority of his recordings being released by two global companies: Columbia/EMI and Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft (the latter including its predecessor label, “Polydor”). Anda enjoyed an exclusive contract with each of these in turn. This body of work is complemented by Anda’s recordings for Telefunken from the early 1950s and for Ariola-Eurodisc towards the end of his life. Anda also made numerous radio broadcasts and live recordings for radio stations in Germany, Italy, France, Great Britain, Switzerland and the USA. Thanks to the commitment of labels such as Audite, Hänssler and Orfeo, these recordings have since been released and now constitute a major part of his discography.

Géza Anda’s recordings – many of them regarded as classics today – have also been released in parallel on streaming platforms. His pianism is thus documented more comprehensively and is more accessible across the world today than was ever the case before. As a result, his artistic and pedagogical legacy lives on, stronger than ever.

The discography is complemented by a selected bibliography, which includes texts, interviews, films and radio broadcasts with and about Géza Anda. The extent and scope of the bibliography reflect Anda’s communicative talent, which made him a sought-after interview partner, and the enduring fascination held for his historical and artistic stature.

The discography and biography are updated regularly.