Masterclass and concerts

Géza Anda was a great musician. Not only was he one of the exceptionally talented pianists of the 20th century, but he was also an equally gifted conductor of his own interpretations of the major piano concertos of the Viennese Classical repertoire.

The topic of the music project we are carrying out is the art – and above all the craft – of leading the masterpieces of this repertoire from the piano, after the manner of the old maestro al cembalo. It is held by the Géza Anda-Foundation in September 2022 in collaboration with the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra.

Under the guidance of Mikhail Pletnev, four young master pianists have been invited by the Géza Anda-Foundation to learn the art of conducting from the piano. This event will take place over eight days and will comprise masterclasses with rehearsals and performances with orchestra of a piano concerto of their own choice. It will be made accessible to a wide audience, both live and via a simultaneous video stream.

“Conducting from the Piano” will be crowned with two concerts, one at the base of the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra in Kriens/Lucerne, the other at the Small Hall of Tonhalle Zurich.

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