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The Géza Anda-Foundation was created in 1978 in memory of the Hungarian-Swiss pianist Géza Anda, who had passed away two years earlier. The foundation engages in the support of young pianists in the musical spirit of Géza Anda. In addition to numerous other projects, its main focus is the organisation of a triennial international piano competition in Zurich.



In addition to organising the Concours Géza Anda international piano competition every three years in Zurich, the Géza Anda Foundation is also involved in other ways in promoting young pianists and, in particular, in enabling the laureates of previous competitions to present themselves to the public. This includes numerous projects and events which are arranged with various partner organisations or realised jointly.


Private Partners

A well-known tradition of the Concours Géza Anda are the host families. During the competition they invite candidates from all over the world to stay at their homes. Many lifelong friendships have emerged from these encounters.

We invite you to join this wonderful group of people!



Sincere thanks to our partners, who generously support the activities of the Géza Anda-Foundation.



The Géza Anda Foundation was created in 1978 by Hortense Anda-Bührle (1926 – 2014) in memory of her husband, the pianist Géza Anda, who died in 1976.

Its aim is to promote young, talented pianists in the musical spirit of Géza Anda. In addition to numerous other projects, the Géza Anda-Foundation has held an international piano competition in Zurich every three years since 1979. The Concours Géza Anda is a unique, extraordinary institution among the countless competitions that exist on the international scene today – and not just because of its distinguished jury, which comprises outstanding members of the music world.

What is above all remarkable about the Concours Géza Anda is that its work goes beyond organising its prestigious final concert and awarding significant monetary prizes. The Géza Anda Foundation is committed to mentoring its winners for three years and also to providing them with solo engagements.

The Concours Géza Anda is a unique competition in the music world. It is run according to strict rules and requires an immense compulsory programme from its participants. But this is also an absolute prerequisite for candidates who aspire to a successful concert career. It is vital for them to have a broad repertoire; pianists must have several solo programmes and piano concertos ready for performance, so that they can react to programme changes both flexibly and within the shortest space of time. They also have to be ready to perform, even after a long flight or after an arduous journey.  It is to be hoped that the Concours Géza Anda will maintain its wonderful traditions, its structures and requirements. Géza Anda was a great musician, and we all feel committed to upholding his name.

Varvara, winner of the Concours in 2012>

Members of the Géza Anda-Foundation Board
Prof. Tobias Richter, President
Gratian Anda
Theodor Guschlbauer
Irinia Nikitina Haefliger
Ilona Schmiel
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Rathert

Secretary’s Office

Markus Wyler, M.A., Secretary General
Belina Kostadinova, Chargée de Mission
Jan Golch, M.A., Logistics and Special Projects

Géza Anda-Foundation
Bleicherweg 18
8002 Zurich

Private Partners

From the beginning, host families played an integral part of the Concours Géza Anda, and it is not easy to describe their significance adequately. Young pianists from all over the world travel to Zurich to take part in an extremely difficult contest. Naturally, this brings about much uncertainty, nervousness, even anxiety. Our host families offer all kinds of support, a firm base during their stay, and more than anything else, a home. Many laureates still speak of how they were received and looked after in Zurich. Often lifelong friendships ensued.

We would like to thank the host families, many of which have supported us faithfully for decades, from the depth of our heart.

At the same time, we would love to extend this circle of wonderful people and encourage you to join! Why don’t you write to Possession of a piano for practicing is not a condition.